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Permanent Eyelash Extensions

Are you bored of your dreary short eyelashes and secretly dream of having wonderful long and seductive eyelashes to enhance your beauty? Then Permanent Eyelashes Extensions is a way to fulfill your desire of acquiring beautiful, long and voluminous eyelashes. go here to learn more

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Permanent eyelashes are gradually becoming popular all over the world. It is an everlasting solution which involves a single surgical procedure and you are can then flaunt the most wanted long and full eyelashes all-time.

The hair follicles which have been transplanted grow like normal hair on the eyelids also. This means that the eyelashes need to be trimmed and cut regularly and should be curled. The entire procedure takes about a couple of hours and around 30 new eyelashes are grafted per eye. The entire surgery is very expensive but it is a one-time affair, so, many prefer it to constantly struggling with false eyelashes or temporary eyelash extensions.

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In case of semi permanent eyelashes, you require touch-ups nearly every month for maintaining the preferred lash thickness, and it takes about 30 minutes for it. This is necessary to maintain the semi permanent eyelashes at par with the originals. But in case of permanent extensions you don’t have to bother at all. You get the eyelashes implanted and then nearly forget about it!

But, please know, that this procedure too takes a fairly long time with the added disadvantage of having to repeat it every other two months.

The permanent eyelashes are expensive no doubt, and at the time of surgery you need to take adequate care for infections etc. Since it is a surgical procedure, the usual risks of surgery is always attached.However the Permanent Eyelashes Extensions treatment can enhance your natural beauty and amazingly boost up your inner confidence.