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Successfully Create a Food Plot That Produces Trophy Whitetail Deer

It is important to realize that packets of deer food are crucial for the development of whitetail deer trophies. You’ll want to establish a sanctuary for the deer that can sustain them all year round, so creating a deer food plot is an essential part of beginning such a project. see it here

Good farming strategies is what you’ll need that requires crop diversification, because just tossing any seeds around will not be very effective in raising the deer you’re searching for. The secret to diversity! Just like anything else, the first moment you are cultivating the land correctly and you’re going to reap the benefits.

So what styles are you permitted to use as part of your annual plantation? There are various varieties of brassicas, soybeans, clover, rapeseed, and chickory. Depending on the size of your land, it’s a good idea to spread a couple of different food plots that have proven successful for some to keep the deer throughout the year, especially during the harsh winter months. Of course a Texas winter isn’t the same as a northern Michigan winter, so you’ll need to tailor your own plan.

Weed management is another aspect that you need to pay attention to while building the food plot for your deer. If they have less weeds to deal with, maintaining a better soil quality can help the crops grow. So have a strategy that takes place in spring to early summer when dealing with the re-growth during this process. The process of grass and weed killing and waiting for re-growth will take a couple of times, but the more time you spend doing that the better. That will also depend on the field condition you initially started with.

Soil testing is the next move in creating a successful food plot for deer. That will save you time and money, because for your food plot, putting down the wrong fertilizer or adding lime will result in failure. Do not go blindly into this phase, check the soil, know the pH and then you’ll have a good strategy. Depending on what you are growing and how much it should be good to get your soil checked every few years.

Late-summer planting can now begin when your weed control is complete. Pay attention to the weather, as this plays a factor in what you decide to plant, and how successful the crop is. You have a lot of choices for planting, so do some research and make an informed decision about what you want for your deer food plot.