Great Coffee Brewers – Commercial Coffee Brewers With Warmers

Commercial coffee makers needn’t cost a lot of money for your office. The coffee brewers for pour-over are very similar to the best quality home brewer but the big difference is how long it will last with the use of office. The BL-2P consumer Grindmaster model has an additional warmer to hold the coffee moist and ready to serve. A second pot can be made for decaf and placed on the burner below the brewer to stay warm or the decaf can be on top and the standard under the brewer. Colored handles inform you which coffee is in each pot so the drinker gets the drink they like. If they want tea water, or a particular form of coffee taste, the colored handles often convey the word. Checkout Great Coffee Brewers.

Each of the brewer’s warmers, whether you’ve had a 2 or 3 warmer package, has an individually lighted warmer turn to signify when it’s “up.” Getting three warmers is perfect for a bigger workplace where coffee is drunk more rapidly. Three warmers often offer a wider array of possible taste styles or hot drinks. Tea, coffee and decaf coffee could be one choice or regular coffee, decaf coffee and a flavored coffee might be another choice that would keep all three warm.

Commercial pour-over brewers have an attractive look that is designed to complement any decor and have a space-saving design. The cooler brewer Grindmaster 2 is 17.75 “high and 8.5” long and 16.5 “tall. The decanter sits in back at the top of the brewer on the two burner brewer while the half-gallon reservoir opening is in front for easy filling. When talking about filling the reservoir, be sure to fill the reservoir with three (3) water-filled decanters before first plugging it in. If the first time it seems to leak; it’s good and won’t do it again.

Commercial for-over brawers are made of stainless steel. It requires quick and easy washing of the outside air. A wet cloth wipes all of the brawer’s surfaces and heating pads. The plastic filter basket can be cleaned in a dishwasher’s top shelf; it should however be necessary to clean it well in a tub. If further cleaning is required, use soapy water to clean it, then rinse well with cold water.

There are other office brewers with preheated water like the Bunn but they come with additional warmers. And like this one, there are digital programmable brewers, but they cost about twice as much. The Grindmaster single brewer with two or three warmer plates offers a better commercial product for a mid-sized office that needs more than one type of coffee or more than just coffee, for the price.