Neck Pain Scottsdale – Causes and Management

Pain in the neck is something most of us would feel in our lives at one point or another. Although the word “neck pain” is very simple and straight forward, it is a very individual experience and the diagnosis, assessment and care must also be focused accordingly. There’s a whole variety of triggers for neck pain. It is important to remember as simple as this might seem that the neck protects the ear. The human head will weigh up to 15 kilos. When you consider pulling around a weight of 15 pounds all day, it is not shocking that you build tension on the neck and spine in the usual day-to-day events of existence.By clicking we get more information about the Neck Pain Scottsdale

Someone sitting all day on a keyboard with their head tilted at a particular angle can suffer from neck pain. Sleeping in an odd position will bring pain. Lifting, turning, rotating, reaching and other typical day-to-day behavior may contribute to strain and discomfort. Only getting older is often a source of neck pain. Degenerative disc disorder and other forms of degenerative disease, such as osteoarthritis and spinal stenosis, are not uncommon in our aging population. These can cause people serious pain issues.

Pain can be sudden and very severe as incidents such as whiplash style injuries occur in car accidents, or slip and fall type events. The trauma will create a new medical condition such as a herniated disk which causes severe neck pain and sometimes neurological disability. Tingling and numbness may occur in the down body. The impact will affect existing medical conditions as well as triggering a new medical problem. Of example, a person who had pre-existing degenerative disease from the normal aging cycle may have been pain-free before the incident. While not triggering the degenerative disc disease, the shock of a car accident may intensify pressures that cause pain. What was once pain-free is now becoming painful and debilitating.

Even though at some stage in our lifespan each of us can suffer from a neck pain, the way we feel it, interpret it and view the pain will be special. Many people will find that their suffering just occurs while their heads are turned sideways or forward. Others will feel neck pain by rotating their head to either the left or the right. Others, too, may experience vomiting, dizziness and/or vertigo. The suffering of some individuals will last for a day, or two. Some patients will have a week or two of the suffering. Others will experience persistent recurrent pain in the neck.