Some Roofing Services From Commercial Roofing Companies

If you (or your team) are planning a repair of the roof but you don’t have an expert idea of how to do it professionally then you might want to consider being serviced by a commercial roofing firm. But it is a good idea to learn some important information about roofing construction, different types of roofing facilities, before you even go around seeking a possible roofing service provider.Roofs for Life Inc. ┬áis one of the authority sites on this topic.

In this post, I discuss some of the facilities that a roofing company should take advantage of: single-ply roofing-this is a system that uses a single layer of transparent membrane as the primary roof cover, sometimes made of thermoset or thermoplastic. Single-ply roofing materials are commonly applied over an insulating material and are sealed with ballast, hydraulic or adhesive fasteners. This type has a number of benefits which include reducing the energy consumption and cooling costs of a building.

Applied fluid roofing-this is a device widely used on low slope and flat commercial roofs-roofs can be either old or new. This may deter water from accessing a system and because of the reflective surface, it offers an important energy-saving advantage. Fluid is applied by using a sprayer, roller, or brush that creates a monolithic membrane without seams.

Waterproofing-besides roof construction, waterproofing is another facility you may take advantage of from a roofing company. A kind of paint is added on concrete walkways, bridges, or garages. This method provides an alternative way for new as well as current concrete structures to floor and surface repair. Once added to deteriorated concrete structures, waterproofing makes them look fresh whilst the expense is negligible.

Daylighting-a roofing device using the rays of the sun to maximize the lighting requirements of a house. The use of daylighting devices will substantially reduce the need for artificial lighting by up to 80%. Commercial houses, businesses incorporate daylighting device into their roofing because it not only offers an opportunity to save energy and money, but it can also boost employee efficiency.

Solar panel installation-the sun is an abundant source of energy when properly harnessed, so that commercial roofing companies also provide solar installation service-is one of the most expensive and this is why companies install solar panels on a roof that will last the length of your solar investment. The average payback for a solar project is 20 years according to some experts.