When to Contact an Oral Surgeon After a Root Canal

Your oral surgeon can want to plan a root canal if you have constant tooth discomfort, or if you have severe tooth decay. This operation is often completed with one day, although in some instances, it requires two to three times to finish the root canal entirely. You’ll be sent off after you’ve had the operation with an instruction sheet that will let you exactly what you can take, and what risks to look out for. If problems arise you will immediately want to call your endodontist.anonymous

When Pain Medications Aren’t Effective Call the oral surgeon when over – the-counter pain medications don’t provide you with enough relief from the root canal operation pain. Over the first few days the doctor will be able to prescribe anything slightly stronger for use. Please observe closely the directions on the prescription bottle as many of these medications should not be taken with alcohol, and can cause drowsiness that affects the driving ability.

When Your Stitches Fall Lost The stitches can get lost simply from trying to get a better look at the place where you had the root canal. This can also occur when eating a piece of food which is a bit difficult to chew. If you find a thread is out of alignment contact the endodontist. He might want to glance around to see if a fresh thread has to be added. If the stitches used by the oral surgeon do not heal on their own, you will also need to make an appointment to revisit and have them out at a later date.

When an infection occurs Call the doctor immediately should you find that where you had the root canal, an infection is emerging. This is particularly important when the upper teeth are involved, since the infection can get into your sinuses. Many cases require merely a round of antibiotics that your doctor will order in for you without having to make another drive to the hospital.

Upon root canal operation, when the swelling doesn’t go down swelling is common. Salt should be used during the first day of healing to help bring down the swelling. If your swelling is not going down, or the swelling is coming back a couple days later, call the surgeon immediately. A pimple can form near the tooth which could be filled with pus. The doctor will need to check the region to see if the pimple is going to go away naturally, or if it has been contaminated already.

The best way to avoid damaging your tooth is by opting to have a root canal. In years to come, the capacity to eat a range of foods should remain intact. Still, you’ll need to be alert to ensure a healthy recovery after having the root canal procedure. You should keep your oral surgeon in the loop of anything that seems out of the ordinary. You should feel as good as new after just a few days.