4 Key Takeaways from International SEO Conference Optimization


4 Key Takeaways from International SEO Conference Optimization

International SEO pros offer their unique take on optimizing for Google and Yandex. Here are some optimization insights for global websites.

5 Strategic SEO Insights and Strategy Tips in 2023

SEO is still very important and essential after the current changes in the digital marketing landscape. Strengthen your SEO strategy with these 5 efficient SEO insights.

Which critical data or searches will encourage you to display a motivational poster on your walls that advise everyone to “keep and continue”?

Google was launched on September 4, 1998, and up to the second half of 2002 – about 4 years later – Altabista did not pass to turn a top search engine.

Even the Panda update, which shocked the SEO industry and effectively finished the “Content firm” business model, had only influenced 12% of the question of Google algorithm updates.

Watching the video based on this topic will clearly understand everything

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DrupalCon Baltimore 2017: Optimizing Your Site For The World To See: International SEO

Even though search engines are becoming more sophisticated every day, International SEO is still incredibly complicated and getting search engines to serve language and country specific content can feel a little like witchcraft. Lucky for you, Drupal 8 is naturally search engine friendly and with a little planning, we’ll have you getting rankings in no time.

This session will cover:

Setting up the right configurations for success
Maintaining content across multiple languages
Dealing with duplicate content for websites with multiple dialects
Common use cases for country and language level optimization
Nuances between search engines like Bing and Google
The Drupal Modules that will help you get there

Who should attend?

Anyone involved with a business targeting multiple countries, regions, and/or languages. No coding experience required!

METal International – SEO and Conversion Quick Fix (Apr. 6, 2021)

How and why to still use keywords for SEO and beyond | International SEO

If you’re interested in finding out more on this topic, download our free guide on the evolution of keywords and semantic SEO here: http://bit.ly/2x3tkvy

Keywords are as important as they have ever been, we just need to view and use them in different ways than perhaps we have in the past. Bill Hunt, a regular speaker and author on keyword topics, gives us the lowdown on how to use keywords effectively across all digital activities, as well as explaining what the plan should be where businesses are missing keyword opportunities and how keywords can benefit all aspects of digital marketing.

This in-depth interview with Bill Hunt, a well-known international SEO expert, provides a unique insight into the enduring importance of keywords.

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(00:15) People often say that keywords are dead. Is that true?

(00:32) How has the use of keywords changed over the past few years?

Key takeaways:
– We must no longer look at keywords in isolation but what they mean within the context of the user search.
– Keywords can teach us a lot about user intent.

(01:37) What keyword fundamentals do people often overlook?

Key takeaways:
– Companies need to be less focused on their brand and more focused on the things that people are actually searching for. When choosing keywords, think about things from your customer’s point of view.
– Too many people just collect keywords in Excel and don’t think about how they can use this data in a useful way. Look at keywords across the buy cycle to extract the maximum amount of value out of them.

(04:12) How to build a keyword list.

Key takeaways:
– Start by creating a simple list of what your company does/sells.
– Then move onto features and functions.
– Then move onto product/model numbers.
– Then add descriptive adjectives and buy cycle terms.
– Then you can add these terms into a keyword research tool to find even more keywords.

(05:20) Once you’ve built a keyword list, how can you use these keywords to do more than just SEO, for example to support content marketing or social media activities?

Key takeaways:
– Keywords can inform content marketers of which topics their audience are interested in and what they should therefore create content about. Creating a keyword matrix and putting keywords in an order from first to last can inform content marketers of the entire chain of content that they need to produce.
– Keywords can also tell you which pieces of content you need to get rid of. Irrelevant content will simply distract the user and should be removed.

(09:16) How often should you refresh your keyword list?

Key takeaways:
– Keyword lists should be refreshed on at least a quarterly basis.

(10:10) Let’s talk about keywords on a global level. Do the same rules and processes for keywords apply regardless of whether you’re in one market or multiple markets? If there are differences, what are they?

Key takeaways:
– It is a bad idea to translate your keyword list.
– You can find niche opportunities by looking at search query volumes in different markets.

If you’re interested in finding out more on this topic, download our free guide on the evolution of keywords and semantic SEO here: http://bit.ly/2x3tkvy


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