Hub and Spoke Content Marketing: What Is It & How Does It Work?


Hub and Spoke Content Marketing: What Is It & How Does It Work?

Learn more about what the hub and spoke model is in content marketing and how it works to increase relevancy and organic visibility.

Content Marketing with Hub Pages

Structuring your content using hub pages is how you win the SEO and lead generation game

The Dance Of Operations, Hub And Spoke Explained – Learning #IRL – Supported By ABGLP

The Hub And Spoke System – Explained – In Association With ABGLP

Are you interested in an operations management career? Do you want to ace the placement game and land an internship with your dream company? Because InsideIIM, in association with ABGLP brings you Learning #IRL. Brush up on basic concepts and revise for the placement season with this unique content. Check out this video and brush up on a basic operations management today!

We’re talking of the hub and spoke system used to increase efficiency in operations. Curious to know what hub and spoke is all about?

What’s This?
Are you an aspirant wanting to get into b-school?
Are you a first-year student preparing for summer internship interviews?
Are you a second-year student preparing for final placements?

We’ve got something special for you. In association with Aditya Birla Group, InsideIIM brings you this unique new series called “Learning #IRL.” Get your monthly fix of sector-wise knowledge transfer, solve quizzes and case studies and find out what certain terms mean!

Why Learning #IRL?

If you want to:

1. Check your comprehension
2. Learn new concepts
3. Brush up on your concepts
4. Just test yourself

The Learning #IRL series is for you.

Create Content Quickly – Hub and Spoke Approach to Content Marketing for your small business.

How to turn one piece of content into 35 pieces. Leverage your content and maximize the work you do in the least amount of time possible.

Are you overwhelmed about what and where to post your amazing content for your microbusiness? Facebook, emails, blog posts, video, TikTok, IG, Pinterest, etc, etc.

The Hub and Spoke Approach will significantly lighten up that content creation load and help build up your authority as an expert in your field.

Why is content marketing important? It how you build up your know-trust factor with your ideal client avatar. The content is to inform, educate, and provide value to your customers.

It builds a loyal audience and elevates your authority.

And most importantly, content marketing drives sales. Plus, it is one hundred percent free, which is the ultimate marketing tool for shoestring marketer. There is no barrier to entry, which is perfect for those with a low marketing budget.

However, it can take a lot of time if you don’t use the Hub and Spoke approach.

What does your audience really want to know? What are people searching for? How to drive those questions to your big idea – the hub piece of content.

Windy Lawson, marketing business coach, is the owner of the Shoestring CMO. If you have big dreams, but not a big pile of cash that you’re sitting on, you’re in the right place!

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Windy Lawson

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